Coaching Services



A whole food diet that can help you lose / gain and maintain your ideal weight


Know how you can move your body without going to the gym or having any fitness equipment


Learn how to acknowledge, control, and express your emotions for better mental health


Build a daily routine including journaling and meditating for a structured every day life

1:1 40-Minute Health Consultation

  • We’ll assess your current health status
  • We’ll review your current lifestyle and how it is affecting your health
  • Discover the next steps you need to take

1:1 90-minute Coaching Session

  • We’ll discuss your health goals and plan a course of action for you to achieve them
  • We’ll discover your current habits and beliefs that hinder you from achieving those goals
  • You’ll leave the session with clarity on how you can live a healthy life your way

1:1 Healthy Stoic Practice Program

A 1:1 one-month coaching program with continuous coaching sessions plus worksheets, trackers, and freebies to guide you in building Stoic healthy habits and practices.


Not sure if you’re ready to make a commitment yet? Book a FREE 15-minute discovery call with me to know if we’re a good fit!