Ready to take control of your mind?


The Objective:

You want to stop obsessing over your weight, restricting yourself from good food, and giving yourself some negative self-talk.

But the problem is:

-You’re so focused on the physical appearance-

-You have no clue how to stop it-

-You’ve tried different ways, but always end up back to those unhealthy habits-

-You can’t seem to maintain healthy habits-

-You don’t believe in yourself and you feel like a healthy lifestyle is not for you-

What I Specialize in:

  • Healing your relationship with food
  • Binge-eating and food restrictions
  • Health and fitness goal awareness
  • Journaling for a better mental health
  • Healthy habits building that are appropriate and applicable to your body and lifestyle
  • How to eat mindfully
  • Consistency in maintaining healthy habits
  • Switching to a healthier lifestyle for beginners
  • Anxiety and stress management

Willing to Commit to Healthier Lifestyle Now?

Book a FREE 15-minute discovery call with me!
In this call, you can share your health concerns, your health & fitness goals, and the lifestyle you wanna have. However, this call is not intended for you to receive any Health & Fitness advice. Rather, it’s to see whether we are a good fit and that I am capable of helping you achieve your goals.

Main Services

One-on-One 40-minute Health Consultation

  • We’ll assess your current health status
  • We’ll review your current lifestyle and how it’s affecting your health
  • We’ll discuss the next steps you can take
  • An intensive 90-minute health coaching session
  • 1 week of support via email, viber, or whatsapp
  • Lifestyle review + Notes and Action Plan

90-minute Coaching Session

1 Month Coaching Program

  • A personalized 1:1 one-month coaching program with 4 coaching sessions
  • Initial assessment before the first coaching session
  • Unlimited support in between sessions
  • Includes worksheets, trackers, guides, and freebies

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