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90-day Healthy Habits Tracker

Start a healthy lifestyle in 90 days for only 350

~ What is it? ~

This 90-Day Tracker is a Habits Tracker that helps you track whether you did a certain habit or not. The goal of this tracker is to help you incorporate healthy habits that, no matter how old you are, where you are, and what your Health & Fitness goals are, will surely improve the quality of your life. 

~ Why Use this Tracker? ~

This isn’t your average/normal tracker. Here’s what this tracker is trying to solve:

Blank lines and fields

The problem: There are plenty of healthy habits you can start and when you don’t know what to do first, it can be pretty overwhelming. 

The solution: This tracker has weekly goals and healthy habits provided already. Habits that are surely applicable to anyone.

No target date

The problem: Other trackers just let you track weekly, monthly, or yearly with no end date. 

The solution: A target date is an essential part of the process when you want to achieve a certain goal. This tracker will hold you accountable for your actions for 90 days. 

Waste of paper 

The problem: Most trackers are printable. You will need to print weekly or monthly. 

The solution: When you purchase this tracker, you get the PRINTABLE and the FILLABLE version. In this way, you can either print it or just use the web version instead.

Oh and… 

If you decide to print it, you only have to print it once! I guarantee you, you will be using all the pages in 90 days and no paper will be wasted. 

~ Why 90 Days? ~

If I’m not mistaken, it takes 28 days to form a habit and 66 days (and above) to make it a behavior. By using this tracker consistently for 90 days, it is expected that there should be a change in your lifestyle that will positively affect your health (i.e., better mood, less insomnia, reduced headaches, physically strong, etc.) 

~ What’s in it? ~

The habits provided on this tracker are what we call the “BASICS” of a healthy lifestyle. 



A water tracker
(to help you reach 2000mL a day)

A weekly diet goal
(to help you eat better and healthily)

A diet self-assessment
(to help you assess whether you have a healthy diet or not. This includes scoring your diet weekly to see your progress) 

(to help you evaluate any challenges you encounter and write the solutions you need to make) 


An exercise tracker
(to remind you to move your body daily) 

A workout planner
(to help you schedule your workout so that you can target all muscle groups) 

A weekly exercise goal
(to help you have fun with fitness!) 

(to help you evaluate any challenges you encounter and write the solutions you need to make) 


An emotional intelligence assessment
(to help you evaluate how you handle your emotions) 

A mood tracker
(To help you know how you feel every day for 90 days) 

An emotional weekly goal
(to help you do activities that help you achieve better emotions) 

(to help you evaluate any challenges you encounter and write the solutions you need to make) 


A self-assessment
(to help you evaluate if you have healthy habits) 

Weekly habit goals
(to help you start incorporating healthy daily habits into your life)

Goal review
(to help you assess whether you achieved your goal or not and why this happened) 

(to help you evaluate any challenges you encounter and write the solutions you need to make) 


This section allows you to write any accomplishments you make within 90 days, big or small. WE GOTTA CELEBRATE EVERY WIN! 

~ Who is it for? ~

This 90-day healthy habits tracker is for those who are beginners in their Health & Fitness Journey. This is also for those who wish to start their Health & Fitness journey. 

This tracker is the first step in helping you start and maintain healthy habits. These 90 days will also train you to be consistent so that once you’re past this phase, it’ll be easier for you to start other healthy habits and will have no problem maintaining them even without a tracker. 

~ Rules in Using the Tracker ~

You are accountable for your own actions. 

Be consistent. 

Stay motivated. 

You can always start another 90-days if you feel like you need more time (you will only purchase this once. All you gotta do is download another copy and print it or fill it out) 

Ready to quit your unhealthy habits and commit to new healthy ones?