My Spiritual Awakening Journey

Ok, so 2 weeks ago, I shared that I went through a spiritual awakening and what it felt like.

But as promised, I’m gonna give you some more deets! And this time, something more DETAILED and SPECIFIC. Because who knows, you might be going through the same thing and you don’t even know it!

So, while I was still going through that experience, I kept on reading articles and watching videos about spiritual awakening to really make sure that it was what it was. And again, I needed some guidance.

I found similarities in others’ experiences. So in this blog post, I’ll be sharing with you what those are and how I went through them during my spiritual awakening.

You might want to watch out for these signs as well. And just a reminder, these are not in a particular order.

1. You Start to Notice Patterns

The patterns of this world, nature, and life.

Before my spiritual awakening, I was just literally doing my thing on autopilot. I didn’t give much thought as to why and how things happen. I used to be so busy either living in the past or thinking about the future, doing things I don’t even want to do, trying to please people, and needing so much social life.

I was basically being unaware of my decisions, thoughts, and cues from nature.

But with spiritual awakening – noticing such patterns – a light bulb just LITERALLY went on in my head. And I started to ask questions like:

  • Why am I suffering now and then after some time, life feels good again?
  • Why does this thing make me angry or sad?
  • Do I really have to eat this much?
  • Why do I want people to like me?
  • Why do I feel like the need to have or be part of this?

and you start to realize that:

  • Anger makes no sense at all
  • Life’s difficlties or challenges REALLY do not last
  • Life is ALWAYS and FOREVER changing
  • You should start following the path you want no matter what others think
  • Your life is unique so there’s no point in comparing and wanting to be someone else

and so on.

But the point is, you notice a PATTERN that everything, every LITTLE thing that happens if you give it so much thought, everything makes sense.

2. You Don’t Fear Death Anymore

The saying “Death adds flavor to life” is true.

Like, honestly, I used to fear death. I felt like there are still so many things I want to do in life and death is not an option.


But seriously, I used to hate the thought of it and even mentioning it!

But when you are awakened, you start to accept death as part of being human, part of this entire universe. That, it is literally just around the corner!

It’s actually one of the patterns you’ll realize.

So, right now? It’s the reason why I am living in the present moment, loving life, appreciating the people around me, being thankful for where I am, and being able to find happiness in whatever I do.

3. You Feel a Sense of Connection

This one is all about feeling a sense of connection with the universe and humanity, which includes being aware of the connection between your mind, body, and soul.

And this connection is so deep that I know you can never experience it if you haven’t experienced a spiritual awakening. The connection between you, the universe, and the spirit is something unexplainable and only you can understand.

But because of this connection, you start to know “how to live” that helps you reach genuine contentment, joy, and peace.

Because of this connection, you know why you should do this instead of that.

Because of this connection, you understand why things go or go against your way.

And most importantly, because of this connection, you don’t resist the things and situations that are happening, but instead, you accept and you let them be.

4. You are Saying Goodbye to Attachment

Noticing the patterns, not being afraid of death, and feeling a sense of connection actually lead to letting go of attachments. This is something you will learn over time in your spiritual awakening journey and this really made a huge impact on my life.

In this stage, you start to let go of attachment when it comes to your material possessions, the people close to you, and your situation – no matter how bad and even HOW GOOD that is.

But the biggest change you’ll experience is letting go of attachments when it comes to how you define yourself – who you are, where you live, what shoes you wear, what food you eat, how much money you have.

It’s the BIGGEST one because you’ll realize that those are just definitions you give yourself and it’s not really who you are.

You’ll even realize that at the end of the day, they don’t really matter.

5. Finally Having Inner Peace

Literally the best feeling ever.

But just to be clear, I’m still human, people who are awakened are still human, too. This means we still feel anger, experience sadness, go through disappointments, I mean, that is part of life. Things can go WRONG sometimes, maybe even all the time.

However, with TRUE INNER PEACE, you stand firm. You allow yourself to go through these situations and emotions with full acceptance.

It may not always be perfect, but it helps you stay grounded and calm, and you don’t get on an emotional rollercoaster anymore.

This has been the most wonderful thing that happened to me because what used to bother me before, doesn’t bother me anymore. Trust me, life has never been this happy and good because the level of peacefulness you have inside is deep and unbreakable.

My Thoughts….

You might think that you just tolerate everything that happens to you when you become awakened.

But when you start to notice the patterns of the universe, accept death, let go of attachments, and feel a different kind of connection, I don’t think you can call it tolerating.

It’s actually being aware that nothing is permanent, that our thoughts are something our minds make and they’re not real, that who you are is not actually who you think you are, and that external/material things do not define us and other people.

It’s also learning the ability to QUICKLY appreciate whatever falls in front of you because, with the level of consciousness you gain from spiritual awakening, you know that life is actually good if you want it to be.

Happy Healthy Living!


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