I Went through a Spiritual Awakening & I’m Thankful for it

It’s been SUCH a long long time since I last wrote on my blog.

Obviously, a lot has happened last year and in the past few months! And that includes my spiritual awakening.

I went through a spiritual awakening last year and although I post about spirituality, what it is, and how you can achieve it, I seem to never share my side or my journey to let you all know what it looks and feels like.

and here are the reasons why:

1) IT’S A LOT TO PROCESS!!! IT’S A LOT TO TAKE IN!!! and if I have to be honest, it still kinda feels overwhelming and I am still in the process of living it.

2) I was kinda scared of sharing what it’s like because spiritual awakening RUINED my life, BUT in a GOOD way! And I am struggling to put my experience into words. Into something that others will understand and be encouraged to give this path a chance, too.

and 3) I was in denial at first because it scared the shit out of me! I’m like, “I am not religious, but I am going through a SPIRITUAL AWAKENING, like, is this even right?” I mean, we’re all ignorant on different subjects. And it took me some time to realize that one can exist without the other. And I have finally accepted that I became and am now SPIRITUAL. And at the moment? I am not just accepting it, but I am happy and thankful for it.

Why & How did I Go Through a Spiritual Awakening?

Well, surprise surprise, I wasn’t even aware that I was going through a spiritual awakening.

A spiritual awakening can happen when you go through a traumatic or painful event in life and can also happen if you practice spiritual activities for good spiritual health.

And I was able to experience both.

I feel like I’ve been saying this a hundred times now, 2020 – 2021 were the years I struggled the most.

The pandemic started.

I made decisions I wasn’t proud of.

Everything was fast-paced.

I totally went out of my comfort zones.

and with all of this happening in front of me, I was lost. I didn’t understand a single thing. My mind was foggy.

and that led me to ask myself questions I never thought I would ask myself (cause I thought I figured things out already, LOL SILLY ME!) I found myself questioning everything all the damn time.

Who am I, why am I here, what is the purpose of all this, why did I do that, what does this have to do with everything that is happening, what is the connection between this and that, is this some sort of a pattern, where do these thoughts come from, who can hear me, and A LOT MORE.

These may seem like cliche questions, but trust me, during a spiritual awakening, answering these questions and finding out the answers were the two most difficult things to deal with.

And since these questions are common, you feel like you know the answers to it all, but trust me, IT’S WAY DEEPER. And it’s not something you can just come up with in an hour or so. It could take weeks and months, even a year.

These questions I had plus the struggle I felt, it didn’t feel normal. I knew at that time that I was going through something, but I just can’t explain what it was like! But I was so sure that it doesn’t feel like the usual struggle or obstacle in life you encounter from time to time. It’s just so different.

And it was one of the answers I got. It is definitely a SPIRITUAL AWAKENING.

What Does a Spiritual Awakening Feel Like?

Hmmm, honestly… writing this part is a struggle. I’ve always wanted to share what a spiritual awakening feels like. But I just don’t know how to describe it in the perfect way that you guys could really understand what it feels like, but I will try my best.

So, again, this is not an overnight thing. It took me a year to realize that I am currently experiencing a spiritual awakening. And when I realized what I was going through? My world turned upside down (and yes this is the best way I could describe it lol) because it answered all the questions I had.

Remember when I said it ruined my life? It LITERALLY feels that way. However, the good news is that it ruined the life I had BEFORE and turned it into something – I would like to say BETTER, but it’s more than better, it’s even more than the BEST.


It LITERALLY is leaving your life before. Sometimes, I even feel like “WHO WAS SHE?”

You may say that it’s called “MATURITY” but, trust me, this one is SO DIFFERENT. Spiritual awakening is not just about approaching life in a different, much better way, but it involves drawing out the consciousness seated deeply within you, feeling connected with your surroundings, noticing the patterns of the universe, and the bestest thing? is being one with the Spirit (mother nature, God, whatever you wanna call it depending on your beliefs) that guides you in living a meaningful life.

My thoughts…

I don’t know if I was able to explain it BRIEFLY and CONCISELY, but it’s okay. That’s just a quarter – not even half – of my spiritual awakening experience.

You may not understand it fully now, but in the next few weeks, I will be sharing my experience, probably in bullet points, and the stages I’ve been in.

So why am I sharing this? because 1) I want you to know how GREAT it feels and 2) maybe you’re going through something similar and you don’t have an idea that it’s a spiritual awakening. This blog can hopefully give you useful insights.

A spiritual awakening can happen to you if you allow it to happen to yourself.



Photo by Shiva Smyth from Pexels

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