The Key to Starting and Maintaining Healthy Habits

Starting healthy habits is easy, they say. Everyone can decide to live a healthy life right now, today, at this very moment. Although, it isn’t new year’s day yet, this seems like any other new year’s resolution. You make the change, you do good for a few weeks, and eventually, you abandon the changes you’ve made because you start to think it’s difficult and you can always start over again next time.

And that is okay. When it comes to inconsistency in maintaining healthy habits, there are factors that are causing it and you probably have your reasons. Maybe you haven’t found your favorite form of exercise yet, or you encountered stressful situations along the way, or maybe you just don’t have the motivation to commit to a healthy lifestyle.

It’s now been 5 years since I started and health and fitness journey. It isn’t always perfect, but, somehow, I always seem to get back up. So, I’m here, through this blog post, to tell you that there is a way for you to develop healthy habits and live by them.

VALUING HEALTH AS IT SHOULD BE VALUED is they key to starting and maintaining your healthy habits. You should know that your health is one of the most valuable things you possess because it gives you the ability to do everything else in life: moving, thinking, and feeling.

So where do you begin? You need to have your motivations that will drive you to value your health, and the way to do this is going to be unique for each and everyone of us. I’m happy to share a few of my approaches that may help you get started:

Consider Your Inner Physical Health

I realized that I exercise because I want to have lots of energy throughout the day, I want to be able to carry multiple grocery bags, and basically, just have good mobility to make the most out of my body’s capabilities.
Other than that, a healthy body means regular menstrual cycle (for women, of course), fast recovery from sicknesses (or you rarely get sick at all), a good sleep at night, rare headaches, and so much more.

Don’t Abandon Your Mental and Emotional Health

My way of doing this is through journaling. Writing my thoughts and keeping a daily log helps me manage stress. Having a healthy mind and healthy emotions allow me to be resilient, comfortable with myself, let go of things I can’t control, and cope with life’s challenges.

Remember the Need for Good Nutrition

I feel weak without fruits and veggies and my meals aren’t complete without carbs, protein, and fat. With good nutrition, mindful eating, and moderation, I finally said goodbye to food sensitivities. Since my second 90-day journey, I’m no longer LACTOSE INTROLERANT! Other signs of good nutrition that I’ve been also keeping track include a regular bowel movement, a normal BMI, and a healthy skin.

Valuing my health isn’t just for myself either. When you value your health, you take good care of it, you maximize it, and when you maximize it, you get to be there, as a strong and healthy individual, for the people who need you most.

So, pause for a bit and think about what matters most to you. Whatever it is, it may be the people you love, your goals in the future, the quality of life you wanna have, or maybe all of them, I hope that it’ll motivate you to value your health and maintain your healthy habits.

Happy Healthy Living!


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