I Finished My 90-day Challenge: EXTENDED!



You guys! My 90-day challenge ended on June 3!!! It just took me some time to finish this post because so many things have happened for the past few months! But anyway, I promised to write a blog about my journey, and here it is. Don’t worry, there is no over exercising, there is no overeating, and there is definitely no starving in this challenge.

On my Instagram post last March 3, I mentioned that I will be starting my own version of Blogilates’ 90-day challenge. She inspired me to push myself beyond my health and fitness boundaries. The real goal of this challenge was to know myself and my body better.

In February, I was completely aware that I was experiencing a fitness plateau for a year already and I didn’t do anything about it. I have to be honest, I didn’t know what to do about it and I basically didn’t have the motivation to do something about it.

Then, I came across Cassey Ho’s 90-day challenge post. I’ve been following her for 5 years now and her transformation really blew my mind! So, I read her blog and thought, I relate to her goals for her health so much.


If you noticed on the title, it has “Extended” on it. My journey from March to June was focused, unintentionally, on determining and realizing my health and fitness goals. It was more of self-reflecting rather than actually working towards what I want to achieve.

So I started another 90-day journey on July 11, which ends today!!! I carried everything I learned from my first 90-day journey to really make sure that I get to see the results I want. I considered the first three months to be a preparation and a planning stage.

Embarking on my first 90-day journey, I thought I knew my goals and I thought I knew what’s best for my health. I was cutting out sugar, then I switched to counting calories, then I started eating sugar again, and then I was cutting out carbs. Honestly, it was a mess. I didn’t feel so good, I didn’t feel so strong, and I wasn’t satisfied at all.

I realized that it was during those moments that I was actually still discovering the purpose of doing the challenge in the first place. Thankfully, along the way, I was also learning from all the health and nutrition blogs I’ve read, courses I’ve enrolled, and personalities I follow.

With the discovery I had and all the knowledge I’ve collected during the first three months, I thought I’m now ready to start another 90-day journey. This time, I have a clear goal in mind. It’s to be strong. Not just to look strong, but to also feel strong.

So, on the left is my Before picture taken on July 11th. I weighed 47kg and for my height, I was underweight. On the right side, is my After picture which I took earlier. Now, I weigh 50.5kg.

Let’s start with a photo of me during my first 90-day challenge. I don’t know much I weighed at that time, but you can definitely see how skinny I am. And, even me, I am shocked that I was THAT skinny.

On my second 90-day journey, I went outside my comfort zone. I did workouts that I used to fear and ate food that I don’t eat before. It’s not that I didn’t really care about what I eat anymore, but it’s more of making sure that I eat healthily, that I get nutrients from every food I consume and at the same time, enjoy them.

I’ve also established a morning routine, AKA my “me time”, that includes journaling and reading. I find this morning routine so important because it determines the mood of my day. So I always make sure to start the day right to keep me organized and motivated all throughout.

Your mental health really does affect your overall health.

So what did I learn during the first three months of this journey that led me to where I am now? It’s, as mentioned on my previous post, to value health as it should be valued. And health is more than just the physical aspect. I’d love to say more about this, but I have a lot to share and this blog post won’t probably have an end to it, so I thought, I will expand more on that topic on my next blog!

Anyway, my progress wouldn’t seem that huge, but progress is still progress. And for three months, I think I did a pretty good job.

To end this post, I’d just like to say, based on a personal experience, challenging yourself from time to time and setting small goals along the way will definitely help you achieve your ultimate goal, whether it be physical or mental, outer or inner. It doesn’t just end after 90 days (I did 180 in total, actually). This 90-day challenge is just one of those small goals, and there will be definitely more to come.

As every health and fitness enthusiast would say, your health and fitness journey is a long and continuous process. Enjoy it.

Happy Healthy Living!


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