UPDATE: Day 67 of My 90-Day Challenge, Staying Sane During Quarantine

You guys! It’s crazy hot right now. I sweat all the freaking time!!! It’s just so difficult to move around in this heat. I just don’t want to do anything because it’s taking up all my energy! I think it’s also making me extra irritable, LOL.

Last night until this morning, I was feeling so upset and maybe… a bit overwhelmed? I don’t know if this has to do with the heat hahaha, but one thing is for sure, I’ve been having an emotional rollercoaster since the start of the lockdown. There are days when I feel so happy, motivated, and grateful, and then there are days when I feel so unsatisfied and just miserable. Is it just me or most of us are experiencing the same thing?

Anyway, I joined Blogilates’ #7DayAbChallenge this week and decided to film my workout every single day for another Vlog content.

We’re on day 5 today and because I was feeling so down and unmotivated, although I managed to finish my workout for the day, I decided not to film it. And while I was exercising, I thought about the things I did and I had for the last two months, and where I’m currently at that I am feeling this way.

I suddenly remembered that I’m still on my 90-day challenge, another challenge by Blogilates. I’ve been keeping track of my meals, my workouts, and the days. Guess what, I’m now on day 67!!! I thought I should do an update on my blog because this will also help me look back on past activities. Days go by so fast! My 90-day challenge will be ending on June 3!!!

I’m still on day 67 and I’ve already determined my goal for this challenge, and I’ve learned so much about my body and myself. When it comes to my physical health, I realized that I’ve never been happier about myself. There’s no deprivation and no over-exercising, just having sustainable healthy habits. I am actually enjoying this 90-day challenge. I have never enjoyed my food and my workouts this much!!!

I think it’s looking after my mental health that’s more of a challenge to me. I feel so ungrateful at times, I feel like this year is the worst, I feel like this pandemic is slowing everything down, we’re already approaching the middle of the year and I still don’t have a job, I didn’t even get the chance to experience my college commencement ceremony, and other things I’ve been complaining about.

So, I had to remember all the things I did for the last two months to cope with these negative thoughts and emotions.

These are the things I did to stay sane during these days:

1. I learned how to cook!

2. I baked

3. My family and I did a spa day!

4. I colored. It’s really really therapeutic.

5. I started vlogging!

Always remembering where I am and what I have makes me thankful. That I am safe at home, with my family, and we’re all healthy.

During this pandemic, it’s really important to take care of our physical and mental health. We should just really have to hold on and believe that there are better days ahead of us.

Happy Healthy Living!


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