Healthy Alternative #1: Oat Milk

I just got a very bright idea! You guys, I will be starting a ‘Healthy Alternatives’ series on YouTube, where I will be making the healthy alternatives or substitutes of food that we normally have. So, if you’re trying to lose weight, then this healthy alternative number 1 is for you!

For this week, I made Oat milk! Worry not anymore and enjoy your coffee, cereal, or smoothie without feeling guilty. This creamy Oat milk is dairy-free and rich in fiber.

Wanna know how to make Oat milk? Watch the video below.

Really easy, not time-consuming, and definitely healthy!

In the video, I rinsed a cup of oats first and then, blended it with 3 cups of ice-cold water. This prevents the milk from getting slimy. You may add maple syrup, honey, or dates to make it sweeter. To make it smooth, strain it using a nut milk bag or a strainer.
Just a reminder, don’t over blend the milk!

That’s it! and don’t forget to leave comments and suggestions on what healthy alternatives you would like to know next time!

Happy Healthy Living!


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