Take Your First Step with ‘A Handbook of Mel’s Tips for Healthy Living’ by Mel Zuckerman

Take Your First Step with ‘A Handbook of Mel’s Tips for Healthy Living’ by Mel Zuckerman

For almost 5 years of living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, I have always wanted to share to everyone what a journey it has been. All the mental, physical, and even emotional experiences I’ve been through. All the techniques and lessons I’ve learned that positively changed my inner and outer self. Thankfully, I read the book ‘A Handbook of Mel’s Tips for Healthy Living‘ by Mel Zuckerman because in it are the things I experienced that I want to share with you all.

Well, it took me 5 years before I could share my experiences because I’ve had so many, and I just didn’t know how and where to start. But here I am now, I’m thankful I decided to read this book first and I’ve highlighted all the passages in it where I can relate so much. These passages are the things that I also want to say for a long time now.

These are the basics, I think, and the general knowledge you should have when you start living a healthy lifestyle.

“You are the best doctor you will ever have. And quite simply, the best treatment you can prescribe for yourself is to adopt a healthy lifestyle and stick with it”

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This is so true. You all know the saying “prevention is better than cure”. When I started this journey, I noticed that I get sick rarely. I barely catch a cold, have a cough, and get a fever compared to those people around me. But when I do, it just usually means I had a close contact with a person who has the flu or I was really stressed and didn’t get enough sleep for days. This is also why I encourage everyone to start living a healthy lifestyle as early as possible or while you’re still young. You may be able to reduce the risks of getting chronic diseases.

If you’ve read my About page, I mentioned that other than promoting cheap healthy habits, I also want to go natural. Living a healthy lifestyle is also avoiding getting illnesses to also avoid taking medicines. We don’t need those extra chemicals in our body, this is why we prevent rather than we cure. But because they are necessary from time to time, a healthy lifestyle lessens our intake of these conventional medicines. It’s also not new to you that you really get a good glow once you drink plenty of water, eat your vegetables, get enough sleep, and once you exercise.

“Readiness. Intention. Commitment. Discipline. These are the inner resources that will see you through the process of embracing a healthy lifestyle and let you enjoy its present and long-term benefits”

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I couldn’t agree more to this. Readiness, intention, commitment, and discipline are what you need before you start and while you’re at it. You have to be ready for all the emotional and physical change you’re about to experience. You should know your intent as to why you will be living a healthy lifestyle. Once you know your intention, you should be able to commit to it. You should, then, be motivated to do it and keep doing it.

I wasn’t at all informed how a physical change can affect emotions and how emotions can affect a physique. Now that you’re reading this article and you may want to start a healthy lifestyle, I’ll tell you that body weight will constantly change and you will experience all the emotions you could ever feel: joy, excitement, surprise, even anger, fear, and sadness. But it’s okay. It’s normal and it’s part of the process as long as you can pick yourself right back up. And for you to do this – which is also a key to a fulfilling journey – is to always go back to your intent or purpose of living a healthy life and be inspired by it.

“The key is emotional energy. You must consciously desire and value health as it should be valued”

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This is what I’m talking about. A healthy lifestyle isn’t just about the physical aspect. Your emotional energy matters so much. This is probably my secret of being committed to my lifestyle right now. I really value health. It’s one of my priorities and I’m happy about it because it makes me happy taking care of it. No more words.

“The real problem is never time. The real problem is that they don’t want to do it, and as long as they keep making excuses, they won’t”

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Ah. The problem of almost everyone I know. You know, excuses won’t get you anywhere, be it in work, school, and even in pursuing a healthy lifestyle. I believe that there is always time for you to start and keep doing it. Why don’t you do it now? Move your body for at least 10 minutes and eat a healthy dinner later. There is always time. If others can do it, you can too. You know it yourself that you just have to be willing enough to start and commit to a healthy lifestyle.

“An exaggerated taste for sweetness or saltiness, for example, is created over time, and it will diminish with time as you gradually reduce the amount of sugar and salt you consume”

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I understand how difficult it is to let go of our favorite, but unhealthy, treats. Believe it or not, I never miss the chips aisle in the grocery store before and I probably eat a donut for lunch and snack during my first year in college. It’s my favorite sweet treat.

Committing to a healthy lifestyle has its ups and downs. My downs included restricting myself from eating sweets, and then eventually giving up and binge-eating them whenever I had the chance.

It’s a huge NO NO.

Now, this is where discipline comes in. Instead of restricting myself, I just reduced the amount of my sugar intake. I started with having a dessert once a day instead of having it every meal, then I changed it to every other day.

Although, I still treat myself with some of my favorites like cookies, cakes, and donuts once in a while. I’m thankful though, that I’ve developed this ability because it lets me enjoy my food and simultaneously prevent myself from sugar overconsumption. Like I always say, balance is everything.

BUT, This didn’t happen in just a few months, let alone a few weeks, it took me years before I could finally control my sugar intake. So if this is one of the problems that hinder you to commit to a healthy lifestyle, remember, again, it’s normal. Just discipline yourself and be patient. It does diminish over time.

“Your diet is how you eat; it isn’t something you ‘go on’ when you wish to lose weight”

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This is one thing I’ve learned for the past few years and this is something I feel everyone should learn, too.

When people say they will go on a diet, they’ll be doing the same things: cutting out sugar, avoiding carbs at night, and reducing the amount of food they’ll be eating every meal. It is true that these things are effective, but as the author of the book said, it’s how you eat and not something you ‘go on‘.

Our body types are different and your diet should be something that suits you. Something that caters to your body and health.

I find it really offensive when someone tells me “you’re thin, stop dieting, and eat more” (because I get this a lot). First of all, I can choose what to do with my body. Second, I am not on a diet so I could be thin, but rather I am eating healthily so I could be healthy.

“It doesn’t matter how tough you think you are or how productive you think you need to be – you need to sleep”

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Gosh, how I love sleeping. Those who are close to me know how much I value sleep. I always make sure that I get 7 to 8 hours of sleep a day no matter how busy I am.

Getting enough sleep is healthy, so if you want to be healthy, for pete’s sake, break your all-nighter habit.

“Yes, exercise makes everything better, and in the case of stress and mood, it’s the first aid”

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Whenever I feel disappointed, unhappy, and stressed, I always go out for a run. When I do this, I feel a sense of relief, I feel like I can overcome any situation I will be put in.

So, try it yourself, I bet you’ll believe me next time.

It’s a lot to take in, I’m aware. But you could always go back to this post and refer to the passages from the book that I’ve shared.

Also, I highly recommend this book to those who want to start a healthy lifestyle. It’s short and really beginner-friendly!!!

The passages that I’ve included in this blog post are my favorites because they speak to me.

I found a way to integrate these to my experiences and share them all to you guys.

I do hope that you learned something from this article and most importantly, I hope it encouraged you to take your first step to living a healthy life.

Happy Healthy Living!


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