Killing Two Healthy Birds with One Stone

Oh my gosh! It’s been two years since my last post! I guess my last two years in college got me really swamped with work. But, good news! I just finished school a month ago so I did this blog some makeover and now I’m finally ready to post again. I’m stuck at home these days doing pretty much the same thing everyday and I bet you could guess my routine. Well, aside from the fact that I’ve been job hunting, I sleep, I eat, and repeat.

Before we get into the point of this article, I’ve mentioned that I just finished school and now I’m looking for a job already. I feel like I’m the type of person who can’t stay idle. I guess Mapúa did this to me, lol kidding, I just really want to keep moving. Lately, I find job hunting really stressful and I’m kinda feeling the pressure of being employed right away. All of my friends have jobs and I’m here at home, sometimes doing absolutely nothing. I’ve been submitting resumes and waiting like crazy for emails. I actually have an interview tomorrow for a position I don’t really like and I was afraid to decline. I’m at the point, yesterday, where I would take anything as long as it would mean I have a job.

Thankfully, I talked to some people about it and made me realize that I was rushing. Even though there’s no need for me to rush. So yesterday, on a silent afternoon, editing my blog posts gave me a sense of comfort. It made me realize that I should appreciate this free time more where I can do what I love instead. I always love writing and feel at ease doing it. I can read books too and maybe binge-watch RuPaul’s Drag Race haha.

Anyway, that was a long introduction, but it’s the reason why I wrote this article. My free time allows me to focus on my health. I’ve reached a fitness plateau for quite a while now and I haven’t pushed my self since then.

So I started a 90-day challenge for myself yesterday and I included avoiding meat (just pork and beef), just chicken, fish, and vegetables. Today, I am on day 2!

I didn’t have the chance to get groceries last weekend so there were no available vegetables at home. I thought I needed to buy some fruits and vegetables in fruit stands around the subdivison.

I planned to wake up early in the morning to get them, but I failed so I went out at 10 am, which was a bad idea by the way because of the heat.

The stands are 1 km away from home and I figured that a trip to these will serve as my workout for the day.

It took me thirty minutes to go fruit-and-vegetable shopping. When I returned home, I just did a quick cardio and ab workout, and then cooked my lunch.

Seeing fresh produce really excites me.

I realized what I did really saved me some time to write this article and binge-watch… you know what…

I always want to promote cheap and accessible healthy habits. Healthy living shouldn’t be expensive. You can be healthy without spending a lot of money. So I suggest a trip to the nearest local market or fruit stand. Fresh produce are cheaper there and I think, fresher. And oh, try to avoid getting a cab or a trike, it’s your workout, remember?

Happy Healthy Living!


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