My Lagalag Sundown Eco-Trail Run Experience

Hi guys! How have you all been since the start of this hot weather? What are your plans for the Holy week? I mean, vacation is just around the corner and I know you guys are all excited! But before that, I just wanna share to you all what my family and I did  before summer break. I figured that it’s also the time I need to take a break from all those recipe posts.

So before the Lenten season, we decided to join the Lagalag Sundown Eco-Trail Run 2018 at Timberland Heights in San Mateo Rizal, Philippines. Yes, you run in the mountains that means uphill, downhill, sun, a lot of dust, and crossing a creek. Great workout for your summer body, right? Anyway, the race was for the event’s beneficiary, WWF (World Widlife Fund) and their Tamaraw Conservation Project. You just don’t get to run up the mountains, experience a wonderful view, and have a very refreshing workout, but you also get to save Tamaraws!

so this is us…

Once you register, you get a finisher shirt and if you’re lucky enough to be one of the early birds, you get a free race belt. You also get to choose your distance and since it was our first time to run on a trail, we chose the shortest one, 6km.

Funny how I was just expecting a challenging ROAD kind of run because it totally slipped my mind that I was joining a ‘TRAIL’ run! How can you blame me?  From the starting line to a few hundreds of meters, we were running on the road, just going down and up and down and up, so I was like “ok, road running but harder”.

I was then already catching my breath before I realized I’m running up the mountains. It’s just the same as hiking, but needs a little more effort.

It was challenging!! The leaves made it slippery, it was steep, and it was difficult to run because it’s…. steep and challenging.
Running uphill was very tiring, running downhill was scary. All I could ever think of during that moment was “Where the heck is the finish line!”

But the view was VERY nice, they have water stations, photographers (so you better be prepared to look your very best every step of the way even though you actually look like you could already eat a horse), and there were free bananas and suman in the last 800 meters. (I literally screamed “foooooooooooooood!”)

Despite my description of my experience being really exhausting, everyone is capable of finishing the race. All you need is a race belt, water bottle, maybe an energy bar, and a little trust in yourself. AND OH! Once you arrive at the finish line, they give you another banana, a drink, and a carved clay medal.

It’s fun when you try to do something out of your comfort zone. I am definitely going back next year!

Photo Credits: MyRunTime

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